fingerstyle guitarist

Joe Gavin

Summit of Leaves

A collection of 9 original guitar compositions and one arrangement. Summit of Leaves can be purchased from CD Baby (below), iTunes, and Rhapsody.

 Photo by Erin Gavin

No longer available

"Joe Gavin, voted best acoustic player in Polk county, is a phenom. His unique instrumental approach defies the imagination"

Dave Stimson, BitxByt Studios, Lakeland, FL


"Woodsongs", the first release from New Land Music (Will Ackerman, Kelvyn Evans and Adam Werner) The disc features 17 tracks, each one by a different artist. Five of the artists are Grammy winners! Over the Downs from my disc Summit of Leaves will be featured on Woodsongs.

All of man's creations, as magnificent as they are, seem lacking when compared with nature. Entire libraries and museums of man's finest works cannot move the mind, nor stir the emotions more deeply than that which is said by a single tree. Though silent to us, the trees have their song. Perhaps they have an entire language, unheard by the ears of man. Perhaps they hear our words, and have observed man's folly and strife. They may speak of us often. Perhaps word has spread among the trees of a great assembly, a great convergence of the forest to discuss the state of man, a great....Summit of Leaves